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(All workshops are in the Dining Hall unless otherwise noted.)


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Awakening Your Garden
Are you itching for Spring? Join Rev. Jan Avende to learn about both the mundane and spiritual steps to prepping your garden for the season, whether you have just a few pots on your porch or a full homestead set-up. We’ll cover tool and seed blessings, calling on Land Spirit allies, ecological & food justice, and aspects of planning crop placement.

The Five Lights of *Ghosti: The Gifts You Bring
This is a workshop that teaches you how to write a workshop of your own so that you can share your knowledge

Presented by Reverend Jan Avende
Rev. Jan Avende is an Initiate and Consecrated Priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin currently serving as the Vice Archdruid. Locally, they serve the Central Ohio pagan community out of Three Cranes Grove, ADF and work as a contracted chaplain at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. They are a talented Bard, Liturgist, and Spiritworker, with a passion for mentoring others, building resources for pagan families, and making the work that we do as pagans accessible for all. You can see more of their writing at and support their work at

Kindling the First Work: (Re)Starting A Pagan Practice
Paganism is a study in cycles: ones that begin, ones that end, and ones that start again. As Children of the Earth, we are deeply tied to the cycles we can see in nature, but how do we start (or, in many cases, re-start) those cycles that we are in control of? In this workshop, we’ll talk about the process of building a practice, embarking on new projects, and picking up old ones that you wish you’d never set down in the first place. We’ll even give ourselves a bit of space to accept that not all cycles go on forever.

Hopefully, you’ll come out of this workshop with a bit of a plan to embark (or reembark, if necessary) on something that feeds your spirit, and brings your voice and work into focus.

Presented by Reverend Michael J Dangler
Rev. Michael J Dangler is an ADF Senior Priest, ADF Initiate, and a founder of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, in Columbus, Ohio. He’s also a co-owner of The Magical Druid, one of our vendors this weekend. You can find more of his work at his Patreon,, and more of the things he makes at

Mannaz: A Gay Man’s Place in Norse Paganism and Magic
There is a lot of historical and modern controversy about the place and acceptance of male homosexuality in Norse religious practices. This is often due to “traditionalist” and Christian views of masculinity that survive from those cultures. In this workshop, we will us lore, history, and experience to show the place of Gay Men in Northern European traditions. This will take the form of a presentation, discussion, and an empowerment-based magical working to conclude the discussion. Please join us to celebrate Gay masculinity in the Norse path!

By Fire and Water
Join me, C. Oleg, for a very basic overview of the 3 realms of Slavic Paganism and some of the history, stories, deities, and spirits that are important to my Slavic hearth cultures. We will discuss the stories of creation, conflict, seasons, and some of the historical context of the Slavic paleopagans. This is a participatory storytelling and discussion workshop for all those interested in this topic, practiced or new. I don’t pretend to be an expert but rather to want to build a discussion around it. Hope to speak with you there!

Presented by C. Oleg Wildridge:
C. Oleg Wildridge is a member of ADF and Happy Valley Golden Wheel in Central PA. C. Oleg is a Norse and Slavic Pagan with years of educational and liturgy experience. He is a big fan of ritual, myths, and fun in Pagan practice while also holding onto ancient ideas. C. Oleg is currently deepening his studies in ADF and is always looking to help empower Pagan community.

Stretching Your Marketing Budget For Your Pagan Event or Group
In today’s economy as a group leader or event coordinator, effectively marketing your pagan event or group without breaking the bank is more important than ever. This workshop is designed to empower organizers and leaders of pagan events and groups with strategic insights and practical tools to maximize their marketing efforts on a limited budget.

Presented by Reverend Crystal Groves
Crystal Groves is a Priest of ADF and a Senior Druid Emeritus for CedarLight Grove, ADF in Baltimore Maryland. She also serves as a social media helper for ADF, and previous served as Mother Grove Secretary, Chief for the Naturalists Guild and Preceptor of ADF. She is an Anglo-Saxon Heathen that leads Great Valley Kindred out of Gettysburg, PA. In the mundane world she is the owner of Misfit Interactive, LLC, a digital agency based out of Gettysburg, PA. You can follow her musings on her blog at:

Regenerative Agriculture Principles for Working with the Earth

Join us for an enlightening workshop, “Regenerative Agriculture Principles for Working with the Earth”. This session is designed for environmental enthusiasts eager to delve into the principles of regenerative agriculture and explore how these practices can heal our planet while enhancing agricultural productivity.

Presented by Donald Smith
Donald Smith is a co-founder of Copper Kettle Farms based out of Gettysburg, PA. He focuses on regenerative agriculture and microbiology to educate farmers on working with the land. He is a member of the Naturalists Guild of ADF and Great Valley Kindred. As an Anglo-Saxon Heathen, his work with the land is part of his dedicated service to Ing.

You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it: devotional poetry for everyone

Oftentimes poetry seems obscure or privileged, something only for those in the know. But poetry is an important part of our lives, from nursery rhymes to gravestone epitaphs, mealtime prayers to big-occasion speeches; it deserves to be part of your devotional practice, too! This workshop will introduce techniques to create devotional poems that go far beyond “roses are red / this god is great…” Novice poets will discover how much poetic knowledge and ability they already have, and experienced poets will likely discover new methods for breaking out of their norm.

Presented by Mike Bierschenk
Mike Bierschenk is the Bard of Three Cranes Grove in Columbus, Ohio, and the current Wellspring Bardic Chair. He is a songwriter and a poet, with a background in the teaching of poetry, thanks to a Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing / Poetry. He blogs somewhat diffidently at Cardinal & Locust (, and you can hear some of his original music on Bandcamp ( Outside of his work in ADF, Mike is a communications and technology specialist at The Ohio State University and a singer and arranger with the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus.

Children’s Workshops

None this year due to lack of presenter

Interested in Presenting?

We’re always looking for well-researched topics to be presented at Trillium that are relative to our goals and missions in ADF. If you have a topic you’d like to present, feel free to submit an application!

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