This years rituals will be about renewal and inspiration

Additional Items to bring: – Chair for sitting if you wish


Ritual FAQ

Q: Can I make an oath at the rituals?
A: We would prefer oaths not be made at these rituals without talking to the chief liturgists for those rituals first.  Since oaths are sewn into the wyrd of the participants, any oaths that are not full-filled could reflect on the community as a whole.

Q: Can I make an offering during the ritual?
A: Yes, during the main ritual when the time comes for praise offerings, you may come up and make your offering to the fire, well, or tree.  Please avoid long speeches to help hasten the pace of the ritual.
Q: Do I need to wear ritual garb/gear?
A: No, garb or ritual attire is not required. Wear what is comfortable
Q: Can I take pictures during ritual?
A: Yes, pictures are allowed during ritual, however we would ask that you let the Chief Liturgist know so they can designate a portion of the ritual “circle” for those that do not wish to have their picture taken.  It is also common courtesy that you do not post pictures on the internet without their permission, nor tag anyone in pictures on Facebook without their permission.
Q: Can I sit in a chair during ritual?
A: Yes, there is no requirement to stand or kneel during ritual.  We may process into the ritual space, but you are welcome to sit at any time, especially if you have a health issue that prevents standing for long periods of time.
Q: Are children allowed to attend the rituals?
A: Yes, children are always welcome.  As a courtesy, any loud children should be temporarily removed from the ritual space until they are calmed down, and children should not be allowed to roam around the fire unattended during the ritual.  But Trillium is a very children-friendly event.  


Groves participating in this years rituals

TBA (Thurs Opening ritual)
TBA, (Main Sat night ritual)
TBA (Closing Sunday morning ritual)

Appropriate Offering Ideas

  • Songs
  • Incense (please do not bring ANY sage incense or sage infused anything to the campground.  We have people very sensitive to Sage and it can induce seizures for these individuals)
  • Works you have created, artwork, jewelry, etc.
  • Silver for the Ancestors
  • Alcohol, appropriate oils
  • Anything sustainable such as biodegradable offerings, seeds to share with the folk, etc.

What not to offer

  • Any watery style alcohol, such as beer, poured directly on the fire because it could put the fire out. Please offer these along the outside of the fire
  • Any toxic products when burned such as treated wood, styrofoam and plastic
  • Do not offer items that may splash on other attendees. Alcohol is fine if distributed onto the fire with care.
  • Public oath declarations
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