Warrior Games

Glasshawk, Chris, and Tim in the carry-race, 2009

ADF’s renowned warrior games got their start at the Trillium Festival.  We’re proud to have been the initial start to this fine ADF festival tradition.  We continue to support this tradition with our own interpretation and always changing ideas to incorporate our warriors and fitness motivation into our festival each year.

The Games:

Atlanta’s Race

 Three targets will be set up along the race track at three different distances. Competitors will be given three apples to throw at the targets. Within ten feet of the target. one second will be subtracted from the finish time for each foot the apple lands closer to the target, e.g. on target will subtract 10 seconds, 1 foot away will subtract 9 seconds, 2 feet away will subtract 8 seconds, etc. The competitor with the fastest adjusted time wins.

Talos’ Stones

Three targets, three stones. The competitor who has the lowest cumlative distance from the targets wins. If the competitor crosses the line on a throw it will count as 5 feet from the target.

Svalinn Circle

A modification of the circle challenge, two competitors will each be given shields to attempt to push one another out of the circle. Contact is only allowed shield to shield. Competition shall be single elimination, set up in randomly assigned brackets.
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