We’re going to throw up some history about Trillium here at some point 🙂  It’s a long-running festival, there’s a lot of history there 🙂

Past Festival Themes:

  • 2019: Celebrating 20 Years of Trillium
  • 2018: Cultivating our Resources
  • 2017: Donning the Mantle: Personal, Communal, and Familial Responsibility
  • 2016: Reclaiming Our Youth
  • 2015: Tribe and Family
  • 2014: Druidry: Ancient & Modern
  • 2013: Practical Skills in Druidry
  • 2012: Druids in the Natural World
  • 2011: Individual Pagan Path
  • 2010: Magic in Workshop and Ritual
  • 2009: Nature Spirits in Workshop and Ritual

Trillium is responsible for:

  • The start of the Warrior Games
  • The start of the Naturalists Guild
  • The first festival to have bardic night
  • The inspiration for The Magical Druid
  • The only festival in the Southeastern Region

Trillium has hosted:

  • The Ordination of Reverend Crystal Marie Groves
  • A Blessing Rite for Reverend Nancy McAndrews baby daughter
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