Below is our preliminary schedule for the festival, but days and times may be adjusted up till the day before the festival.  We will have a printed copy at the festival for you to keep at camp, as well as displayed around the festival grounds.  You can also always view the schedule from your cellphone throughout the weekend.

Interested in teaching a workshop?  Contact us with information about your workshop, whether you will need any special equipment, or if there are any supply fees that attendees will need to know about.

(Workshop Description Details can be found here)

Last Updated: 4/12/2017 at 4:25pm EST


  • 4pm: Gates Open (need to arrive earlier?  Send us a general inquiry letting us know)
  • 6pm: Dinner 
  • 8pm: Opening Ritual by Hellenic Kin of ADF
  • 8:30pm: Art & Crystal Birthday Bash!  Includes Cake!
  • 9pm-Whenever: Meet and Greet Bonfire and Drumming


  • 8:30am: Breakfast
  • 9:30-11:00am: Garden like a Druid with Reverend Nancy McAndrew
  • (Children Event) 10am: Egg Hunt with Janna Rhodes
  • 11:30-12:30pm: Life-Spirituality Balance with Reverend Michael Dangler
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • 2pm-3:15pm:  Can You hear Me Now? Struggling to Connect with the Kindreds (Panel/Open discussion)
  • (Children Event) 2pm: Paper Lantern workshop with Bonnie Landry
  • 3:45pm-5pm: Seasonal Festivals in the Dievturi (Latvian/Baltic Reconstructionist) Tradition with Andris Rūtiņš
  • 5:30-6:45pm: Mentoring within the Grove with members of Sassafras Grove, ADF
  • 7pm: Dinner
  • 8:30pm: Open Bardic Circle hosted by Reverend Crystal Groves
  • 10pm-Whenever: Drumming Circle


  • 8:30am: Breakfast
  • 9:30-11:00am: Spirit Pathways through the Landscape with Adam Davis
  • (Children Event) 10am: Stick-a-Palooza! with Bonnie Landry
  •      Study Hall In Dining Area Open
  • 11:30-12:30pm: Lying Gods with Wayne Keysor
  •      Study Hall In Dining Area Open
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • (Children Event) 2pm: Children’s Activity Table (lots of fun!) with Janna Rhodes
  • 1:30-2:30:  Warrior Games
  •      Study Hall In Dining Area Open
  • 2:30pm-3:30pm: Open Town Hall with the Mother Grove
  • (Children Event) 3:30pm: Children’s Ritual
  • 3:30-4:30pm: Waking the Mighty Dead: An Exploration of Technologies with Catherine Heath
  • 4:30pm-5pm: Pre-Ritual Briefing and Ritual Preparations
  • 5pm: Main Ritual coordinated by Reverend Nancy McAndrew
  • 7pm: FREE Dinner for ALL attendees (regardless of meal-plan)
  • 8:30pm: Concert by Clover Grove (acoustic arm of the Plank Stompers) with Wine Tasting
  • 10pm: Auction in the Dome to raise funds for Trillium
  • 11pm – Whenever: Open Bardic Circle & Drumming Circle


  • 8:30am: Breakfast (usually a pot-luck of community left-overs)
  • 10am: Closing Ritual by Initiates of ADF
  • 12pm: Clean-up (please help out cleaning up our beautiful space and emptying trash/recycle bins around the grounds. If you signed up for a volunteer shift for clean-up, this is where you spring into action)
  • 1pm: Farewells
  • 12:30pm: Organizers Meeting with Lunch

(Workshop Descriptions can be found here)

Last Updated: 4/12/2017 at 4:25pm EST

Other Events

Brewing Competition

This year’s Trillium Brewing Competition is being run by past winner Arthur Shipkowski, and is open to all brewers, meadmakers, and vintners attending the festival. The number of categories will be determined by the number and range of entries; the best of all entries will receive an award in all cases. Likely subdivisions, given sufficient interest, include Beer, Dry Mead, Sweet Mead, and Fruit Wine.
View details on this competition.

Seed Exchange

Every year we do a seed exchange at Trillium.  Any types of seeds that you might have laying around to spare can be brought in a container/bag to keep them appropriately dry and left at the registration table container.  Any that you see in the basket that you would like to take home, please do so.  This is a free exchange, but donations to the campground are always welcome.


All vendors and Groves will be asked to donate an item worth $40 or more for the loud auction. All proceeds will go to Trillium.  Anyone may donate an item!   Be sure to bring extra cash or check to participate in the auction.

Bardic Circle

Got a song or story to share? A great joke? We want to hear it at the Bardic Circle, Friday night.

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